Mike in PittsburghHi there, I’m Mike and I’ve discovered the unadulterated pleasure of Uncomfortgasms.

Whether it’s public speaking; bungee jumping; trying a strange new food; travelling to a different country; going to the cinema on your own; or making a career change; we all have different things that can take us out of our comfort zones.

Our natural reaction to just thinking about leaving our comfort zone might be to get nervous or scared. The fear can sometimes be so paralysing that we never get around to trying something new and different.

It’s such a sad thought that these amazing experiences might go unexperienced by so many people.

That’s the funny thing with leaving our comfort zone. Once it’s over and the fear has passed, you’re left with an amazing feeling of accomplishment and proudness.

I struggled to find a word that summed this feeling up, hence Uncomfortgasm was born.

Uncomfortgasm: The irresistible rush of pleasure you get when expanding your comfort zone.

Join me and others today in embracing the fear and seeking the addictive thrill of Uncomfortgasms.

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